Cathy Wirta April 2017 Featured Member

Cathy Wirta

Cathy Wirta has always had a passion for cars. “I was the kind of girl you go driving with and I’d be like, ‘oh look, there’s a ’69 Mustang Fastback!’” she says. After running a successful, self-started automotive aftermarket company, Cathy decided to go into car sales. Now, she is known as Cathy the Car Coach for Metropolitan Ford of Eden Prairie.

Cathy coaches buyers on how to find the best possible vehicle based on her extensive car knowledge. She empowers and educates her customers so they feel confident about their purchase. “I thought that would be pretty awesome because I could find vehicles for people who don’t like shopping. I research and compare vehicles to save them time and money.”

Cathy loves building relationships. “A lot of my customers have actually become my friends,” she says. “If they need advice or something like that, I help them. That’s all that matters.” Cathy’s care for her customers sets the tone for her Car Coach persona. “I make it transparent, friendly, fun and fast. I do ask a lot of questions, but that is so I can better help you.”

Cathy has a belief in herself and a passion for helping people. “Always make sure you’re empowering yourself by believing in yourself,” she suggests. Cathy uses a unique book of past accomplishments to track her success. She also says to never give up, something she preaches when mentoring at-risk youth. “If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask for it. People love helping people.”

Outside of work, the Car Coach loves her 2016 Harley Davidson Softail Slim S 110 and Arabian horses. She is also working on owning her own store. “I would like it to be a destination store where a percentage of the sales goes to a nonprofit,” she says. “People can go there for the destination and the ambiance, and feel good knowing their purchase helps a good cause, too.” Cathy doesn’t know what the store will be yet, but it’ll probably have something to do with cars. And even with her planned store, Cathy the Car Coach will still work to help people find the right car.

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