How to Change the Imposter Mindset with Stephanie Hansen, host of The Weekly Dish on 107.1

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Get to know our keynote speaker!

Stephanie Hansen, host of The Weekly Dish on 107.1

Everyday we build ourselves up and tear ourselves down. Are we really “that good” or have we just fooled everyone? Stephanie Hansen shares her experiences in business and in her personal life; from her strongest moments in building a multimillion dollar business to her most vulnerable when she made the choice to make her cancer battle public in the Twin Cities media community. Stephanie will make you laugh out loud when you see yourself in many of these shared human experiences of figuring out “Who Am I”.

Stephanie Hansen grew up in the Twin Cities where you could find her handing out drinks at Heartthrob Cafe. Once married, she began her journey into the advertising and marketing world. Fifteen years later, she took her new-found skills set and began her own company: After winning the Women Business Owner of the Year Award, she sold her company and began blogging about food and life. She also now hosts The Weekly Dish on 107.1,

It was not always so easy for Stephanie. She is a six-year breast cancer survivor, and volunteers for many charities that support breast cancer research and awareness.


Key Takeaways:

  1. The Imposter Theory
  2. Going for it: Getting what you want
  3. Persevering through aprosity