Jeanne Sorby May 2017 Featured Member

Jeanne Sorby

Jeanne Sorby is a certified project management professional within the Information Technology (IT) space. Jeanne has a passion for IT and is driven to help small- to medium-sized businesses realize their IT investments through frameworks that foster improved business performance. With over 25 years of experience and educational background in IT, Jeanne understands the needs of organizations that do not have a large IT budget, and yet are bound by the same need as their competitors to engage integrated technology that drives the delivery of products and services, and ultimately improves competitive advantage and revenue.

Lilystream Management Services was founded in 2014 and has a sole focus of providing portfolio, program and project management services to its clients’ to realize benefits from their IT investment through well-defined project portfolios, programs and projects. “I enjoy working closely with companies from all different industries. Every company has the need for IT however may not have the ability to staff a portfolio, program or project manager. Providing a service that truly brings success and satisfaction to our clients is the key to our success. We want to establish long-term, open-door relationships with all of our clients and partners.”

Lilystream Management Services is developing a research branch that is currently seeking partners who would be interested in engaging in a Project Portfolio Management initiative in exchange for allowing for the development and publishing of a case study on Lilystream Management Website. Their website will be the place where Lilystream Management Services will post any of their future opportunities where they are seeking to partner with small- to medium-sized organizations.

In the future, Jeanne plans to build Lilystream Management Services by investing in her team, and to continue to bring in people who have a creative passion for learning and growing in their professional lives and who are interested in a life balance that allows them to pursue their personal interests as well.”

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