Kelly Anderson September 2017 Featured Member


Kelly Anderson is a business woman, wife, mother and artist with a passion for roller skating. “I recently tried out for roller derby!” she says with a laugh. When she’s not on her skates, she is the Senior Professional Employer Consultant for Oasis Outsourcing, a firm that provides human resources, employee benefits administration and payroll management services, among many other workforce solutions. Kelly talks to more than 250 businesses each year about the services Oasis can provide, and it’s her favorite part of the job. “I enjoy learning about each organization. We’re not always a fit for their needs, but oftentimes I can refer them to someone who can help them grow in a different direction.”

Kelly started in the insurance industry in 2006 and quickly realized there was more that she could do for other companies. “People often get into business because they have a passion for a product or service, but that doesn’t mean they have the knowledge or skill set to run a company. You need to surround yourself with the right people and ask for support in the areas you don’t know.”

And Kelly understands this from personal experience. Kelly and her husband own Shane & Kelly Anderson Illustrations, an art business that they started in 2007. They do cartoon illustrations and custom artwork for individual and corporate clients, as well as interactive murals with non-profit organizations. Even their two children, ages nine and twelve, get “put to work” on the murals.

Kelly also recently started her own nonprofit, called Girly Ambitions, which helps artists travel to other countries to work with local artists. “I just think it’s important to pay it forward.”

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