Tina Gabos December 2017 Featured Member

Tina Gabos

Sonshine Candles started when owner Tina Gabos’ kids began leaving the nest. “I have four children. As they were leaving and I had time to fill, I started thinking about things I’m passionate about,” says Tina. “Sonshine Candles grew out of my love of candles and passion for my faith.”

Gabos designed Sonshine Candles as a two-pronged ministry. First, she spreads God’s word through the beautiful candles she designs to be given as gifts that encourage, comfort and lift people up. Fifty percent of the profits from online sales are divided between three organizations which change each year. Second, her company is a fundraising platform for churches, schools, mission groups and other organizations.

Gabos continues to see her company as a work in progress. “I want to do a better job of marketing, especially reaching out to churches and organizations. Based on the feedback I received I ventured out into the retail space, all the while feeling like I was not being true to my two pronged mission. I soon realized they didn’t need to be mutually exclusive. People were buying, encouraging and sharing God’s word with others which fulfills one of our goals.”

She is still encouraged by the feedback she receives every day. “I love the stories that come back when people have given them as gifts, and what it means for them to go into their adult children’s or friends’ homes and see them lit. I enjoy the encouragement that I get from people reaching out from across the country, wanting to know where they can buy them (prior to me having a website). It’s also lovely to hear the stories when youth use them to fund their mission trips.”

To entrepreneurs who may just be starting out, Gabos says, “My background is law, so creating this business was way out of my comfort zone. If you want to start something new, just keep at it and just stay encouraged.” Connect with Tina here!