Tsering Yangchen October 2017 Featured Member

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Tsering Yangchen is fortunate that her favorite pastime also benefits her at work at Media Relations Agency. “I just love reading the news. I could read the news for hours. It definitely helps me as a publicist. I stay up on what’s trending and popular with consumers.” She believes her experience in broadcasting and news gives her that competitive edge. “I worked in a newsroom, I know what journalists are looking for and I think that makes me excel at my job. I’d recommend that anyone who wants to become a publicist get a fews years of news or journalism experience.”

Yangchen contacts media outlets on behalf of clients who want their products featured in the news. Her favorite part of her job is seeing clients react to the stories that she arranges in the media. “When they tell me their sales went up because of a story I placed in the media, it makes me really happy. It lets me know that my efforts to create visibility for my clients are being noticed.” Yangchen knows that having a positive personality is key to her success. “You need to be a people person. Rejection is expected when working in PR, but I don’t take it personally. It takes work but that is how you learn to be great. You have to focus on building trust with journalists and get the information they need for a story. Once they know you can do that for them, you can really focus on working together and getting the right messaging across for your client.”

Yangchen is confident about her future. “I want to grow with Media Relations Agency. I want to continue learning more about the PR industry and how it is changing. We’re seeing so many innovative brands pop up and it is inspiring to meet the brains behind the brand and help them tell their story. I am also seeing an increase in social media influencers who have a loyal army of followers. I am excited to see how we can work with them to relay our clients’ messages authentically.”

Born in a refugee camp funded by the Red Cross in Nepal, Yangchen says, “I am an advocate for human rights and women’s rights. When I’m not at work, I like to volunteer.” Yangchen serves as a board member for the Tibetan Women’s Association – Minnesota chapter. 

Connect with Tsering by emailing her at tyangchen@mediarelations.com