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  • It was an absolute honor to be featured on the cover of Encourage Her Magazine.  It not only was an amazing experience to be interviewed & showcased, but it also spread our mission of women's empowerment in a big way.  Through this vehicle and the help of the PR team we had a SOLD OUT Unleash Your Lady Boss Life event.  Thank you Shannon Johnson for equipping Lady Boss Empire to get our message out to the masses!  
    Stefanie Peters
    Stefanie Peters
    Lady Boss Empire
  • HEY LADIES! Jump in to this wonderful movement of empowering women! Become a member of ENCOURAGE HER NETWORK. We need each other. Really! I love being a member and a part of this vision Shannon has for women across America! #1.You will benefit personally from the friendships and networking for your business. #2. You will receive world class training and coaching to help EVERY area of your life. #3. We ALL need encouragement! The encouragement is endless and SO valuable! Can’t wait to meet YOU!
    Londa Ramsey, The Father's House
    Londa Ramsey
    The Father's House
  • Encourage Her Network is a group of business women that come together to encourage, uplift and inspire each other. I love the monthly meetings. The speakers always have so much to offer and I walk away each time feeling more passionate about life and inspired to keep pushing myself in business and in my personal life! They offer so many more opportunities than just the monthly meetings to connect with other women in business. I am truly a grateful member!
    Rita Palashewski, Pumpkin Patch Childcare
    Rita Palashewski
    Pumpkin Patch Childcare
  • Amazing organization that truly empowers, encourages and inspires women! ! We are so connected through this network!
    Cathy Wirta, Cathy the Car Coach
    Cathy Poppy Wirta
    Cathy the Car Coach
  • I am so thrilled to have found this wonderful networking group, serving business women in the twin cities! I’ve met and connected with so many cool, successful ladies.
    Carrie Boe, SuperStrongChick
    Carrie Boe
  • The energy of this group is infectious! To be amongst so many motivated entrepreneurs, here to encourage one another, is truly inspiring!
    Chris Schorn, Christine Photography
    Chris Schorn
    Christine Photography
  • Incredible group of 5 star women connecting with a 5 star Network… Encourage Her Network
    Angela Van Grinsven, Vanity Fur Mobile Pet Spa
    Angela Van Grinsven
    Vanity Fur Mobile Pet Spa
  • Such an amazing organization! I love the support and encouragement from like minded business women! The members and speakers are so inspiring!
    Calinn Green, My Legacy Photography
    Calinn Green
    My Legacy Photography
  • Thank you for all your support and great networking opportunities. I will continue to point women in your direction.
    Laura Wieland
  • During the beginning of 2016, I was featured on the cover of Encourage Her Magazine. I made a business decision to make this investment in marketing and branding and I was not disappointed. With over 10,000 magazines in print and distributed all over the metro area, I received texts, photos and phone calls from people saying they saw the magazine somewhere on a daily bases for the 3+ months it was in circulation. We launched our company and a book in 2015, therefore the ability to hit the market in 2016 in a new way has proven to be a great investment in our marketing dollars.
    Dina B. Simon, Simon Says Lead
    Dina Simon
    Simon Says Lead
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