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Becoming a member is simple and takes just a couple of minutes. You’ll be able to log in to your member information center to complete your profile page in our directory so that others can find you right away instantly. Begin meeting new people, building new friendships, and strategically find ways to partner with hundreds of other professional women. We find ways to support each other by referring business to one another, hiring each other, forming solid alliances and partnerships, helping each other raise capital,  and even launching businesses together. The lasting friendships that are being made are one of the most important reasons this community thrives. Afterall, we like to do business with people we like. We’re truly heart-centered women cheer leading for each other’s success! Be a part of our community of female movers and shakers, making things happen!

Recognizing Women in the Workplace.

We will recognize women in your company! We’ll interview your top talent with a professional write up to celebrate her achievements. Ask us how today! Call (952) 697-5218 and talk to Shannon Johnson.

Community Memberships!

Designed for Female Founders, Creators, Connectors and Women who mean Business.

Classic Membership: Level One. Expand your network, Only $99/year 

  • Discounted admission to our events: You’ll get instant access to all our community events. Be strategic with your networking and meet hundreds of other like-minded professional women! Make new connections at our social events too.
  • Network with other members online: We have our very own private online community! Engage online with other other members instantly. You can show up online in your pajamas if you want. We won’t tell anyone!
  • Claim your standard business listing in our Online Directory: People need to be able to find you and know what you have to offer. We encourage members to keep their business listings up to date. Once you’re a member, you can manage your profile online 24/7 to ensure that everyone has access to complete, up-to-date information. Get profiled where decision-making women are looking! (members-only version)
  • Access our private Facebook group
  • Individual membership

Standard Membership: Level 2. Spread the word quickly with our news release feature and promote an unlimited number of your own events in our public online calendar of events, Only $299/year

  • Need to spread the word quickly? Access our news release feature: Share your latest press releases, blog posts, news and information with your network quickly and easily. You don’t have to wait to get the word out about what you’re up to anymore. We’ll show you how to use this tool 24/7 from the comfort of anywhere that you have internet access.
  • Offer member-to-member deals: Members are encouraged to offer special discounts to other members. Most businesses offer at least 15% off products/services to other members. More than likely, someone in our community is looking for exactly what you have to offer. This tool just gives them an incentive to buy from you and support a member.
  • Free job postings: Submit job openings. Let your network help you spread the word and fill your job openings with qualified candidates.
  • Promote your events, workshops and conferences: List your event workshop or conference on our event calendar, 24/7.
  • Claim your ENHANCED business listing in our Online Directory:  Our enhanced profiles give you access to more features. Add videos, images, links, etc. (public version)
  • Can’t make it every month? Send someone else in your place! You can add one additional representative to this membership.

Premium Membership: Level 3. Includes up to four representatives and ongoing recognition all year: Only $599/year

  • SHARE YOUR STORY. Get featured with our member spotlight interview! Your interview will be shared on our website, via our enewsletter reaching thousands of subscribers, and through social media. Help others get to know you by sharing your story!
  • Opportunity to host a member round table event.
  • You can add multiple representatives to this membership.
  • BEST VALUE. Get all the benefits of the standard membership, plus the option to add up to four representatives and empower your entire team!


Sponsor the MOVEMENT! 

Your company can support the Twin Cities’ most encouraging women who are founders, creators, connectors and women who mean business by sponsoring the Encourage Her Network. 

  • SPONSOR THE MOVEMENT. CLICK HERE to see what’s in it for you!
  • LET US TELL YOUR STORY. Your company/organization could have an exclusive article written by our talented team of writers. Our professional media-grade interviews feature local professional women from all industries and backgrounds. Our goal is to recognize women for blazing trails and accomplishing great successes!

Corporate Memberships! Designed for corporate executives. Starting at $1299/ year

Plug your team into the power of an established women’s network! When you partner with us, your corporate membership will offer a network of support for the women employed within your company. Empowering women and closing the gender leadership gap is imperative for companies that want to perform at the highest level. We can connect the women in your organization with peers and counteract gender bias so that more women can take the lead in the workplace. Contact Shannon Johnson directly at (952) 697-5218 to learn more.

Terms and conditions of all memberships are subject to change at any time. @2017




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Here’s how YOU can make a difference: “As powerful women, we have the resources to make things happen for each other. We need to stick together and support each other. I encourage you to start using your wealth to invest in funding more ventures run by women. We can make a bigger impact when we partner up and work together. Join the MOVEMENT.” – Shannon Johnson


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If you’re not having fun with your networking, you’re in the wrong room. Let us connect you to the resources that you need to grow personally and professionally! Guests are welcome to visit Encourage Her Network to check out all that we have to offer. 

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