Many events get you inspired and then send you on your way to take action without really getting you engaged with people. Encourage Her Network thrives off the active engagement that happens within our community. Women are truly making things happen at our events, outside of our events, and in their daily lives.


Our Signature Events are designed to get you connected and inspired. Attending each month also allows you to practice and learn how to build a networking strategy and key tactics to make your connections work for your career and long-term goals.


Building a plan for how you network is the key to your success. We encourage you to know why you’re networking and who you want to connect with. Learn how to build strong relationships and grow with people long-term at Encourage Her Network. One membership opens the doors to a lifetime of opportunities!


Encourage Her Network is the community for you if you want to learn how to network effectively, work the room, leverage your contacts, introduce yourself so that you’re leaving a memorable impression, sharpen your networking skills, learn from others, and grow your network with like minded women who mean business. Smart women always stay connected.


It’s important to give people the opportunity to get to know you better. It’s also your job to make sure that your network knows why you matter and how you can help them. Identify 5-10 key people that you want to connect with. Through our community, we hope that you’ll build trust with other members that can vouch for you and your business. Building allies is a fundamental key element to networking and growing your business. Women have to stick together, right? Find other women that will support your career goals and dreams. Who you surround yourself with matters! Surround yourself with the Twin Cities most encouraging women.


Encourage Her Network is the place for professional women of all ages to come together. Whether you’ve never been to a networking event in your life or you’re an established savvy networker, you can find real support and encouragement in our community. Finding the right cheerleaders could be the key to your success and just what you need to reach MORE goals. Can you ever have too many cheerleaders? We don’t think so!


ACCESS MORE EVENTS. Grab a wing woman and network! View our calendar of events online 24, 7 for access to the best events around the Twin Cities.

SUPPORT OUR DIRECTORY. Find businesses ran by women in our business directory. We encourage you to support the businesses listed in each version; print and online.

Not listed yet? Contact us to LIST YOUR BUSINESS. You do not need to be a member to list your business in our directory.



We bring real inspiration to a room full of trailblazing professional women each month. Make the commitment to invest in yourself. YOU DESERVE IT. Give yourself the gift of networking, education, community, and SO MUCH more by become a member of Encourage Her Network.

Give yourself the gift that keeps giving… Join the MOVEMENT!


Here’s a fun BONUS we offer!

Christine Schorn


 Do you need an updated professional headshot image? We partner with Christine Photography to offer attendees of our signature events professional photography.  Keep your professional image fresh with an updated picture… heck, every month if you want!  Contact Chris at 651-398-7782 to book your onsite session.