Membership Policies

We strongly urge the monthly participation of all female decision makers. 

Encourage Her Network offers many types of memberships!
  • Community memberships are designed for small businesses, entrepreneurs and executives.
  • Corporate memberships are designed to serve a wide variety of female executives and employees from various industries.
  • Not employed? You can still join Encourage Her Network with an individual membership! Networking has proven to be an excellent avenue of finding employment and business opportunities.

Here’s a peek into our CURRENT POLICIES.
  •  Most memberships are recorded in the name of the organization, not the representative. Organizations are able to add additional representatives on most memberships allowing specific employees or contractors access to the network.
  • Memberships can also be recorded in an individual’s name. When you sign up for a membership, you release Encourage Her Network and it’s partners of any liability and also accept responsibility for the information you provide to be shared online.
  • Membership dues are nonrefundable and subject to change. Encourage Her Network has the right to terminate memberships at any time. 
  • If you should decide to close your membership, we simply require a 30-day written notice to cancel. It is important to submit your cancellation notice in a timely matter. Please email cancellation notices to us at least 30 days prior to the date of your renewal being due, with no questions asked. If you wish to help us improve membership experiences in the future, we always welcome and appreciate all feedback.
  • We do NOT offer refunds on membership dues, advertising or registration to our events for any reason. All memberships automatically renew every 12 months.
  • As a courtesy, we will attempt to contact you prior to your membership coming due for renewal. It is important to keep your contact information as up to date as possible. Upon becoming a member, you authorize Encourage Her Network to automatically renew your membership every 12 months.
  • Renewals are due on the first of the month prior to the original month that you joined.
  • To reactivate a membership that has been closed, you must contact us to be manually reinstated. If you have any questions regarding renewals, upgrades or transfers, or you need to set up a payment schedule, please contact us. We will do our best to work with you.
  • Start any level of membership for only $99. We encourage you to pay your membership dues in full.
  • STUDENT SCHOLARSHIPS: If you’re currently enrolled in school, you can qualify for a scholarship. Contact us for details!
  • GUEST POLICY: Guests are always welcome to visit any of our events once prior to joining. 
  • Your participation is encouraged.  We do NOT have an attendance policy at this time.
  • Member spotlight interviews are only offered to select members. If you would like to be interviewed, please contact us for more information.


Just a couple membership tips to keep in mind prior to joining …

  • Having a blank member profile page is like buying an ad and not putting any content on it. It’s imperative that you complete your member profile so other members can find you. Don’t have your log in information? You can easily reset your log in credentials to access your member information center. Fill in your profile! 
  • Like any network, you get out of it what you put into it. Please be intentional about showing up! 
  • ADVERTISE with us. Reach more decision-making women in business.


Want to expand your network and generate additional revenue?

  • Start your own chapter of Encourage Her Network. You must be an active member for at least one full month prior to launching. All directors must be approved to operate under the Encourage Her Network brand. Please contact us for the official director packet to be considered.
  • Refer a member! We have an exciting referral program where you can get paid to grow your network. Ask us for details!

Don’t forget THE BEST part! Learn how to market to the Encourage Her Network to reach MORE decision-making women in business. 

  • All active members of Encourage Her Network are eligible for discounted advertising rates. Ask us for details! Call (952) 697-5218 today and talk to Shannon Johnson.

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