Stefanie Peters, Lady Boss Empire

Stefanie Peters

“If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone!” shouted Stefanie’s mother and mentor. Those words changed her life forever. At age 18, Stefanie was struggling to get her business off the ground. She felt like she had hit rock bottom.

Turning adversity into advantage

It was then she decided to power through life’s circumstances no matter what. “I learned so many life lessons early on. God truly transformed my heart and gave me compassion for other women on their journies. I took a Dale Carnegie Course and fell in love with personal development. As a teenager, they asked me to come back and coach the program,” she recalls. “I worked one-on-one with a woman who had very little self-confidence. After 12 weeks, she told me that she felt empowered to do more, be more and live the life of her dreams. That success lit a fire inside me. I knew I had found my calling.”

The perfect partnership

When Stefanie met Allison Crandall, they became fast friends and business partners. They became a force to be reckoned with. They flew to New Jersey where Stefanie spoke as a keynote at a leadership summit. After the conference, Allison told Stefanie, “This has been quite the ride!  Within these short 6 months you have equipped me to walk away from my full time job so I can stay at home with my little boy. And I am forever grateful. But what is priceless, is the woman I have become on the way to the goal.  We need to teach these leadership principles on a larger scale.”  That’s when Lady Boss Empire was born.  

Iron sharpens iron

Lady Boss Empire has become an empowerment platform to equip women to run after their goals and dreams. They believe that, “Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.” Stefanie explains, “We are bridging the gap between where women are now and where they want to go, by providing the resources, tools and community to cheer them on.”

Each week, Lady Boss Empire hosts power-packed seminars with like-minded women, to educate on the Four Pillars of Wellness: Physical, Financial, Personal and Environmental. They gather for education, camaraderie and fellowship. Their events range from Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University and success seminars to wellness workshops and barista bashes.

This sense of community is what fuels Lady Boss Empire. “Research shows that when a woman’s goals and dreams are not validated by her inner circle, the likelihood of her achieving her dreams is slim to none. That’s where we come in!  We empower women to be their best and live their God-given potential.”

Stefanie says she gets jazzed helping women win. “We are equipping women to write their life stories,” she says. “We help them write best-sellers!”


“Know that if you’re looking for more, it’s out there,” she says. “And you can indeed create it if you are willing to work for it. We are here to help you dream again, team up and help you create your ultimate Lady Boss life!”

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