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Community Spotlight: Headwaters Relief Organization

Bringing Hope. Building Resilience Minnesota-based Headwaters Relief Organization is a disaster relief collaboration of volunteers that supports the emotional and housing needs of families and communities ravaged by disaster. They are currently helping those affected by hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria. Since the organization’s inception, …Read More

pay it forward

Community Spotlight: Pay It Forward Fund

Our October community spotlight features Pay It Forward Fund. To learn more, visit http://www.payitforwardfund.net/. Pay It Forward Fund is a non-profit organization that helps patients pay their bills while they undergo treatment for breast and women’s cancers. They pay essential living expenses so patients can focus on …Read More


Believe in the power of networking.

When asking for a referral, use the phrase, “Who do you know who … The more you network, the easier it gets. But you have to keep doing it. Most people attend networking events to gain something: opportunities to grow their businesses, referrals, exposure, connections …Read More


Community Spotlight: Spark-Y

            Spark-Y Youth Action Labs empowers youth with hands-on education rooted in sustainability and entrepreneurship. Its three initiatives of school programs, an annual internship and an urban agriculture lab serve more than 1,200 Twin Cities youth each year. Founder Mary …Read More